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BIG Bass on Chickamauga! Fall Bass Fishing Has Begun!!

Tim is on a mission to catch a big bass! He’s on the water early, armed with topwater and a chatterbait. Come along for the fun! Watch as he adapts to changing conditions, fine tunes the pattern, and catches some really nice Chickamauga bass! Fall is prime time to catch quality fish as they feed up before Winter so make the time, head to the lake, and catch a big one of your own.

How to Find the Best Bass Fishing Spots in the Winter

Brandon Cobb breaks down how he goes to a new lake and begins his search to find the best bass fishing spots in the winter. This was his first day on a new lake, and he starts with walking us through what he looks for on his map and then on his electronics. Then it becomes a matter of fishing the areas relative to the forage on the lake and what can cover the water the most efficiently with the water temperatures. He likes a crankbait when the clarity and mood of the fish allow because he can cover more water faster.